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"At the start of each project, is a story we tell ourselves, a dream we pursue, which brings sensitivity and poetry. The project manages to preserve the purity of that original vision.

All my projects are marked by the concern of how humans will live and evolve in these spaces. They are infused with this love of and attention to detail. Each project is a whole that begins with the study of the place, its people, their sensitivity ... like a journey into their intimacy.

Escaping the anecdotic and the ephemeral, understanding the personality of my clients, their story, their identity, is a chief source of inspiration and the first step in my work.  

The quest for light is a primary concern in my work. Finding the hidden light, revealing it, and making it evolve within the building. The paradoxical combination of clarity and intimacy is a fascinating subject.
Putting luminosity to the service of intimacy.

I approach spaces, light, materials and colors as if they were calligraphy. Filling the vacuity of spaces, embracing the distance between things, the outline of these things, that is what tells a story.

Conciliating materials by making them meet for the first time, confronting what is used and what is new, what is soft and what is rugged, what is poor and what is rich, is part of the continuity of my work. "